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The Breakthrough Experience

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The Breakthrough Experience has been a gift to myself. The changes and opportunities I have created in my life due to the understanding it gave me has had an impact in almost every area of my life. I can truly say for the first time in my life that I love what I do and I am doing what I love!

Richard Bevin


This is the first time in my life that I have started to feel appreciation for myself. Thank you for helping me to shift a really big block. Thank you for helping me set myself free.

Jackie Smith


Dr Demartini, there are many moments in my life where I am so grateful I have this tool. In the past I would have sat for weeks dwelling in anger or frustration but now I have a powerful tool that helps me to shift my perceptions in moments. I am so much more adaptable to life's twists and turns and as a result a lot less stressed than I was in the past. 

Chris Dunne


Dr Demartini's Breakthrough Experience has given me a tool for life. My perception and understanding of people and circumstances has changed.  I have made closure with so many instances in my life that I thought were wrong.  I no longer have regret, remorse or resentment of the past,

Iola van Ginkel


What an incredible weekend.  I thought......" how the hell am I going to concentrate for 17 hours", but Dr D's energy and commitment is really infectious.

Craig Mc Cormack


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