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The Demartini Institute

Dedicated to maximising awareness & potential

Demartini Institute's Vision and Mission

Demartini Institute Mission

The mission of the Demartini Institute is to create, package and offer education solutions adapted from an understanding of human behavior and natural laws in order to assist people, organizations and businesses solve their problems and challenges in the 7 areas of life (mental, financial, vocational, social, familial, physical and spiritual). The solutions are tailored to address the needs of men, women and children individually or in groups such as families, teams, organizations and businesses in all markets and sectors and we strive to make the solutions available through the use of all live, digital and print education channels in every city and country around the world.

Our vision and mission is to give people access to information relevant to solving their specific needs and thereby being a catalyst that allows them to learn how to master their minds and thereby master their personal and professional lives so that they appreciate themselves, others and their experiences, clarify their authentic vision and get to live and create extraordinary, empowered lives, influencing and inspiring those around them to greatness as they emerge as inspired leaders in their field.


-    Live Global Education Channels

o    Live seminars, workshops, keynotes, presentations, talks
o    Online Events (webinars)
o    Demartini TV Channel
-   Streaming
o    Consultations

-    Non-live Global Education Channels
o    Products: DVD, CD, Books
o    Media: TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper
o    Demartini Website
o    Social Media: FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest
o    Newsletters
o    Demartini TV Channels: YouTube, LiveStream
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