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The DemartiniPedia is a directory of all the information on this site relating to empowering and maximizing human potential. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions and we hope that this answers any question you may have relating to empowering and inspiring your life. If after searching you find that there is not an item of media, a product or writings and insights that supports your question, then please let us know by clicking here so that we can use your question to develop appropriate content for the site.


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Determine Your Values


The most powerful life-solutions seminar on the planet!


The Demartini Method is a breakthrough discovery and cutting edge personal transformation methodology which results in a new perspective and paradigm in thinking and feeling. Developed by Dr. John Demartini, it is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.


Is a human behavioral specialist, educator and author. . .


Your values arise from and are therefore determined by your conscious or unconscious voids (what you perceive as most missing). What you perceive as most missing (void) in your life therefore becomes what you perceive as most important (value).


The Demartini Institute is a private research, education and service institute founded in 1982 by Dr. John Demartini. The Demartini Institute is dedicated to exploring and expanding human awareness and potential


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