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Dr John Demartini

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author

Interview Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini has been interviewed on numerous television, radio, magazine, newspaper and online publications around the world. He is often called on as an expert in human behavior to comment on topics such as:


-      Business Developmentinterview
-      Financial Empowerment
-      Social Empowerment
-      Leadership and Career
-      Relationship Dynamics
-      Enhancing Communication
-      Reducing Stress and Conflicts
-      Family Dynamics
-      Learning Disabilities
-      Managing Emotions
-      Mental Wellbeing & Development
-      Mind Body Connections
-      Health and Healing
-      Science, Cosmology and Cosmogony
-      Addiction and Subdiction
-      Excelling in Sports and Teams


View Dr Demartini's Interviews featured on YouTube.

View Dr Demartini's Interviews featured on TV and Radio Shows.

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