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Dr John Demartini

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author

Social Initiatives

Work With Students


Dr Demartini has assisted in inspiring hundreds of young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds by sponsoring their attendance to his program titled Young Adults Inspired Destiny. A day program aimed at assisting young adults ages 14 - 25 years to understand human behavior, how to define their career choice and how to awaken leadership and potential.


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TESTIMONIALS From Students Regarding Young Adults Inspired Destiny 

I have a clearer direction of where it is that I want to go and of who I am. I am grateful for being shown ways in which I can communicate effectively with people and conquer those challenges that come my way. I now want to embrace every challenge and learn as much as I can about myself. I believe I can follow my DREAM and be successful in all 7 areas of life.

Danielle - 22 years


You have given me a whole new perspective on life. Suddenly I see that I can deal with challenges and that my life is important. You have shown me that I'm unique and now I can tackle and solve my problems and become who I want to be. And I can show others that they can do exactly the same because everyone has a lot to give. Thank you!!! It was worth every second!

Daniel - 19 years


I've been given the tools and the knowledge to reach my goals and aspirations. The ability to see that I am the only person who can determine how far I allow myself to grow. No one, no thing and no circumstance or event can influence me negatively if I ask the right, quality questions in life.

Kevin - 18 years


Today I learnt, is the first day of making dreams a reality. Thank you for giving me the tools and inspiration to value myself, dream big and to realize I am worthy of love. When I am a world-renowned singer I will have you as well as myself to thank. Much appreciated.

Jordana Malkoff - 17 years


Today truly inspired me. I have so much opportunity and possibility that lies ahead of me, and thank you John for opening my eyes and showing me that I can.

Celeste - 15 years


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Request a Young Adults Inspired Destiny program to be held in your area in South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.


Request a Young Adults Inspired Destiny program to be held in your area in USA, Canada or Europe.


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