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The Demartini Values Training Program

Become a Licensed Facilitator in the application of Values

Entry Requirement: 1 x Attendance at The Breakthrough Experience

I’ve been exploring human drive, inspiration and motivation and the distinctions between them for over 35 years. I’ve taken the topic of axiology, the study of values, which is one of the most important topics we could ever explore and put it into practical application. I use values in almost all of my presentations because all of human behavior boils down to the essence of human values. When you realise that your values dictate your destiny across all the areas of life, you realise the importance of understanding and applying values to every aspect of your life.

I am inspired to be able to finally announce the launch of the brand new 4 day Demartini Values Training Program in LA USA December 2014, Sydney Australia March 2015, Johannesburg SA December 2015. This unique business empowering training program was designed to train you on how to help company leaders, directors or human resource managers with their primary essential skills to lead and manage their company employees more effectively and efficiently so as to generate greater fulfillment and profits.

These four full days of training will help you immediately begin to maximize corporate client’s employee engagement and productivity through the application of the Demartini Value Determination Process, the Demartini Values Based Hiring Process, the Demartini Values Based Team Inspiring Process, the Demartini Values Based Leadership & Management Process.

This special, intensive training program will also license you as a Demartini Values Facilitator and provide you with principles and methodologies that will allow you to more easily market your services, deliver reliable results and expand your revenue and market share as a facilitator.

If you are already a Demartini Method Facilitator, a Corporate Consultant, HR, Business Coach, Business Manager or anyone interested in working in the business sector whether working with staff within your own business or wanting to work in other businesses, then this unique new training program will give you a competitive edge and added certainty of results when working with clients.

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